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Drip & Spray Automatic Irrigation Services

Enjoy the ease of an automatic smart irrigation system!

Control and monitor your irrigation system remotely from your mobile device any where in the world, all you need is an internet connection.

Smart systems are connected to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) meaning your system can make decisions in real time based on that day's weather. 

Ensuring your garden/lawn/vegetables etc. are provided with specific care tailored to your weather conditions.

Middle of Spring but it's rained 15mm yesterday? The smart system will adjust the watering accordingly on this day to either reduce the amount delivered or not water at all on that day. 

I will work with you to set your smart system up to work to ideal conditions based on your location and can also provide ongoing tech support if needed. 

Well manicured lawns and gardens bring beauty, comfort and add value to your home!


Drip & Spray Irrigation Services, installs and maintains systems.


Whatever the reason may be..  Don't have time and energy to hand water?

Ask for an estimate on a automatic system.

From basic systems, all the way up to fully automated smart wifi systems.

There are so many ways to water your lawn and garden.

With my experience and expertise I will work with you and recommend the best and most efficient way to meet your watering needs.


We can also help with converting existing systems over to automated smart systems. 

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Over 40 Five Star Reviews.
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Hydrawise Wifi Smart Systems

Hydrawise app
Hydrawise app
Hydrawise app
Hydrawise app
Hydrawise app
Hydrawise app

The Hunter Hydrawise App is sophisticated yet easy to use. Compatible with any mobile phone, tablet or computer, Set and Forget, let the Predictive Watering adjust your program saving you time and money on over watering.

My Story

My name is Mark.

I'm a qualified plumber with over 10 years in the irrigation and plumbing industry.

Recently started my own business in 2019 specialising in installing and repairing automatic irrigation systems in residential housing.

I Install and repair systems that run seamlessly, easy to use and maintain.

Neat, tidy and presentable installs are at the top of the priority list. No hoses running everywhere, no unreliable hardware, premium quality products only.


Don't hesitate to enquire for a estimate.


In some cases simply upgrading your current system to a smart system to run more efficiently can save you far more in the long run compared to the cost of the upgrade as it will reduce water wastage and increase your water usage efficiency.


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Irrigation Brands

Quality Standards

Don't risk it, use a licenced plumber.

Did you know an isolation and backflow prevention device must be installed on your irrigation system?

This is a requirement by Australian standards.

Water has the potential to siphon back from your drippers and sprinklers into the drinking water supply.

A backflow prevention device acts as a non return valve to prevent mains water contimation from soils or bio matter that may be residing in your irrigation system.

These devices are a requirement by law for all automated systems on Australian mains water.

Make sure your system is professionally installed by a certifed professional. 

I only use quality proven irrigation products which provide premium long term solutions. 

No cheap hardware store products

No shortcuts 

Premium Products only

Supporting quality South Australian manufacturers and suppliers, Antelco and Philmac, Waterpro and Think Water. 

Whether it be a battery operated system or AC powered controllers, WiFi compatible or smart systems, I will make sure you completely understand how to use your system, including watering schedules and recommendations after completion of install.

I operate in this fashion to ensure that not only the product installed is of a premium quality, but also the service provided is the best in Adelaide.



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Installation Estimates

Installations of an Automatic Irrigation System can cost from $2,000 - $7,000 on average. 
$1,000 a station is general guide
There are alot of different factors that contribute to these prices. 


  • Size of your property/area

  • Number of watering zones required


  • Water flow and pressure of your property;
    The greater the flow and pressure the less zones you need to cover a larger area. 


  • The manual labour involved to complete an install of a system averages around 16 hours. This can differ significantly with each property.


Installs will be estimated and completed in full.

Visit Drip and Spray on Facebook/Instagram to see photos and videos of completed jobs 

Unless otherwise advised I will not use customer supplied parts as I am unable to guarantee the quality.

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